Heaven is David's first release, and the one with the most Raise Your Inner Game-related tracks. Semi-acoustic, Ry Cooder meets Paul Simon, it's full of what makes David such a strong artist – interesting, musical, well-written songs delivered with an intimate, soulful voice.

Songs: Try, The World is Flat, Can't Get Comfortable, The Best In Us, Ain't No Sunshine, Secret Garden, Where She Goes, King of Camden, Ten Foot Wall, Living With the Boogieman.

Stepping On My Hat

David's third release, Stepping On My Hat, returns to his roots of high-energy rock bands. Produced with an aggressive sound that goes far beyond his earlier recordings, this CD is intended to provide seriously fun listening in the spirit of the early Police, Matthew Sweet, Peter Gabriel and the Foo Fighters. (Interestingly, many of the songs from ZUNI are reinterpreted here. See if you recognize them!)


“Music for grownups who remember when they weren’t.”

David’s fourth CD, Criminal, is another progressive-pop-rock gem. “Smart Fun” is frequently an oxymoron, but not here. It’s like riding a bike downhill a little too fast – enough of a thrill to put a smile on your face but not so much as to scare you off. Rock/pop at its best!

Songs: Criminal, Pieces On The Ground, Lisa, Sweet Red Wine, Crazy Fool, Evil Genius, This Could Be The Moment, Jet Boy, Real Americans, After The Lullaby, Takin’ It To The Street.


"ZUNI" is David's second release. Recorded at his home in Zuni, NM, in April of 2002, it's a collection of 11 original songs, produced with one guitar, one voice, and some extra goodies here and there. The simple production makes the songs and performances stand out even more.

Songs: Part-Time Believer, Margret's Pillow, Demolition Boy, Nothing, Second Wind, Keep Breathing, Big Emotional Deal, Blood and Feathers, Not The Way You Think, Sun Goes Down, Let's Think About This.